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Growing everyday

Founded in 2004, we’ve become industry leaders in providing innovative mobile value added services. Through the creation of rich interactions and compelling consumer mobile experiences, our reach has expanded across 32 markets. We now work with over 100 partners around the world creating highly customised solutions for our varied clientele.

Leading the Revolution

Since our inception, NewComLive has been a key instigator in the mobile industry revolution, facilitating the move away from a culture of pure voice calls. Mobile phone users today have come to expect an exciting diversity of mobile value added services. With info-tainment services, caller ring back tones, text to win campaigns and game applications, the landscape has diversified greatly.

Global experience, local knowledge

We pride ourselves on providing relevant, entertaining and exciting services for mobile operators, FMCG brands, NGO’s and community organisations through a variety of channels such as SMS, USSD, IVR, web and apps.

Our aim is keep your customers in constant dialogue with your brand to improve your business results.

How We Can Benefit Your Business



Each client has different needs, technical requirements and marketing objectives. We will work closely with your company to create the best possible solution for you.



Our highly skilled and experienced development and management team will assist you every step of the way, making sure you get the best return on your investment.



We can bring your customers the best solutions in mobile value added services from the creative concept to technical delivery.



With each of our services, you’ll immediately be able to evaluate results through comprehensive reporting and business analytics.

Where We Operate

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