NewComLive has delivered over 3,500 individual promotional campaigns in the Caribbean, Central America and South Pacific.

Our diverse selection of platforms caters to many different target audiences and can be tailored to meet a wide range of sales and campaign objectives.

Our campaign management tools include short code management, generation of campaign codes for under the cap and on the pack promotions, aggregation of instant credit voucher prizes, database collection and business analytics.

Here are a few of our successful promotions.


Digicel – The Ultimate Mission

NewComLive enabled this highly successful multi-media Christmas Mega Promotion including short code management and voting services. Digicel Jamaica enjoyed an increase in revenues, brand recognition, social media engagement and a marked growth in the subscriber base.

The Contender

The Wray & Nephew Contender

NewComLive provided voting services for The Contender, a boxing series on TVJ. We collated and selected each week’s winners and collaborated with Digicel to launch its Contender Knockout Game Text Competition from March to July 2015.

Pepsi Refresh Tour

Pepsi Refresh Tour Promotion

NewComLive helped manage Pepsi’s Refresh Tour under the cap promotion in Jamaica, including the aggregation and selection of winners on a weekly basis. Customers could text the short code to win credit vouchers, caps, T-shirts, tickets to the Pepsi Tour and Reggae Sumfest. By entering the codes online and on Facebook, customers could download mixtapes, and win bluetooth speakers and DJ headsets.

Rising Stars

Digicel Rising Stars

This yearly music talent competition is aired across Jamaica, Trinidad and Haiti. Contestants vie to be the next Rising Star, and viewers can vote by text for their favourite contestants. NewComLive generates and manages the short code for this competition as well as manages the voting services.

Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall

Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall

This is a yearly music talent competition is aired in Jamaica. Contestants vie to be the next Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall and the public can vote by text. NewComLive generates and manages the short code for this competition as well as the voting services.

Key Cash

Wray & Nephew ‘Q is the Key Cash for Life’ Promotion

NewComLive partnered with Wray & Nephew to launch their ‘Q is the Key to Cash for Life’ Promotion. Customers had to purchase a bottle of Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum then text the unique code under the cap. Our database then validated the code against the preloaded codes in database.

The campaign successfully generated an increase in voting entries and revenues for client.

Diageo Beer Ballaz

Diageo’s ‘Beer Ballaz’ Campaign

NewComLive and Digicel’s Mobile Advertising team partnered with Diageo to launch their ‘Beer Ballaz’ Under the Cap Campaign.

HOW TO ENTER: Consumers purchased a Red Stripe, Heineken or Guinness product and text the unique code printed under the cap to a service number managed by NewComLive.

PRIZE(S): Entrants had a chance to win over 20 Million in Cash & Prizes!

NewComLive’s Campaign Management platform was used to validate codes texted in by the consumers, and also for the winner selection process.