Our Services


Offer your customers an exciting selection of games and promotions to keep them engaged with your brand.

  • Entertain your customers with skill, knowledge and decision based games. Our endless supply of exciting new scenarios will keep them coming back for more.
  • Engage casual and more dedicated players with games of luck and chance where they can spend and win daily tokens or points.
  • Enjoy the realistic feel of all our games provided by the complex algorithms of our intelligent system.
  • Maximise your target audience’s engagement with your brand by choosing from our high value Mega Promotions.
  • Boost your seasonal offers with our Mega Promotions for Christmas, Easter and Summer.
  • Generate interest and excitement from your players with exciting prizes including a car, a house or cash!


Plug into our substantial catalogue of local, regional and international music content. Your customers will be able to download the latest ringtones and entertain their friends with caller ring back tones.

Keep your customers coming back for more

  • Give them access to our constantly updated music catalogue spanning local, regional and international artists.
  • Provide the latest music available for ring tones.
  • Provide the fun of CBRT (Caller Ringback Tones) that allows customers to purchase and set a particular tune as their ringback tone for callers.

Let your customers listen to their favourite radio station by mobile

  • Just by making a simple telephone call, our innovative service ‘Call to Listen’ allows your customers to connect to their favourite radio stations by mobile.
  • Your customers can instantly tune into their choice of shows through live or on-demand programming.


Whether it’s a small promotion or a large-scale, live show on TV, use our powerful voting platform to fully manage your campaign. We’ll provide short codes, promotional credit and handle all the extra traffic.

Take advantage of our comprehensive voting platform.

We’ve handled voting services for numerous shows in different markets including Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall, Jamaica’s People Choice Awards, Digicel Rising Stars, Wray and Nephew Contender, All Together Sing and many more.

Let us do the hard work.

We’ll provide the short codes, manage all the extra traffic and distribute any promotional mobile credit, while tracking and reporting on every aspect of your campaign.

We’ve provided the voting platform for major TV and radio promotions including Supermarket Sweep and The Fugitive, in conjunction with various media partners.

Use our network and platform to run your own promotions.

We’ll happily act as aggregator and take care of the short codes, campaign management, and distribution of mobile credit, while you concentrate on making your promotion a success.


Find your perfect package; from our full service solution to customisable messaging and billing services. We also offer aggregation plus content licensing for content owners and creators.

We’ve over 10 years’ experience aggregating content in over 32 markets.

  • Our aggregation services enable commercial businesses, government agencies and departments, content owners and NGO’s to stay connected to their customers.
  • Our messaging and billing aggregation package can be customised to meet your company’s needs and technical abilities.
  • We also offer full service aggregation for clients without their own facilities, plus content licencing and aggregation for content owners and creators.
  • We provide mobile content across all Digicel markets, enabling a huge range of businesses to interact with their customers via mobile. However, we also launch products independently of the Digicel network, and are happy to work with other operators.

Does your business already have a content and communication management system?

If it does, but you are lacking access to mobile network channels, talk to us about Messaging Aggregation.

We can set up:

  • Premium Rated SMS
  • Reversed Billed Short Codes
  • USSD

Enjoy the efficiency of Mobile Terminating (MT) Billing and Mobile Operator (MO) Billing.

These automatic transactions are initiated when customers participate in a subscription service or make one-off transactions from within an app.

MT Billing is typically used for subscription services, enabling a recurring fixed fee to be deducted from the customer at regular intervals e.g. daily, weekly or monthly.


Engage your customers with news, sports and social media alerts, audio services and content downloads. Offer them social media access via USSD codes plus an enticing range of TV and video content.

Keep in regular contact with your audience.

FWe can customise news alerts by their interests and location, written in their local dialect. Our content is developed and customised by our own dedicated in-house team, and sourced from local and international content providers.

  • News alerts
  • Sports alerts
  • Inspirational alerts
  • Horoscopes
  • Social media

Discover our innovative IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) platform.

Bring your customers convenient services like finding a contact and making a call through voice, plus all the fun stuff you’d expect like voice notes, recordings and voice distortion.

  • Automatic Outbound Dialler (OBD)
  • Record your own track by calling IVR
  • Magic Voice: This service allows you to change your voice when talking to friends, family, coworkers etc. (e.g. cartoon, female, male voice)

Give your customers access to a wide range of generic and seasonal graphics.

Graphics are delivered via SMS or video, great for use as static and animated wallpapers, screen savers and greeting cards.

Provide the added perk of offline access to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Your customers can update their profiles instantly when they have no internet access or data plan, by using one of our USSD codes.

Take full advantage of Digicel’s license agreements with international video & mobile TV content suppliers.

Bring your customers a variety of exciting channels.

  • Sportsmax
  • NBA
  • CPL
  • Kids' content


Use our mobile marketing platform to take care of your next campaign. We’ll set up your mobile advertising, collate competition entries and entirely manage and track your campaign.

Find the most cost-efficient, direct and effective way to reach your target audience.

  • Develop a creative campaign working collaboratively with us.
  • Select the right marketing platform to suit your specific objectives.
  • Fine tune and optimise your campaign using our intuitive campaign management tools.
  • Access your campaign statistics at any time through a secure URL.
  • Select winners randomly or based on the number of entries for your competitions.
  • Deliver prizes either automatically or manually.

If you’re not sure the best way to approach your next mobile marketing campaign, rest assured in knowing that we do. Since 2002, we have successfully delivered over 3,500 individual mobile marketing campaigns to appeal to a hugely varied clientele.

We have over 13 years’ experience providing highly effective sales-driven campaigns to leading brands across the Caribbean and beyond.

  • ‘Under the cap’ and ‘on pack’ campaigns are excellent quick ways to increase sales, targeted primarily at the FMCG segment.
  • Unique codes, generated by us, are printed onto the relevant product packaging.
  • After purchasing the product, customers must send in the code by SMS or USSD message, using one of our premium rate SMS and/or USSD mechanics.
  • Our past clients include Diageo, RJR Communications, TVJ, Pepsi, Wray & Nephew and Nestle.

Generate instant feedback from your customers and conduct research across vast geographical areas.

Pinpoint your exact needs through talking to us. Perhaps you’ve released a product and are looking for consumer reviews or you are representing an NGO requiring feedback on topical issues.

Choose from our unique platforms including interactive research, polling and survey applications. We’ll help by recommending the most appropriate channel relevant to the level of detail you require.

It’s easier by mobile! The menu-based structure of USSD and IVR or a mobile site are particularly well suited to populate and differentiate multiple data fields.

Need a high frequency, simple, interactive SMS campaign?
(eg. SMS keyword + answer to a short code)

  • Our Media Platform is online and available 24/7 with online reporting built in.
  • Certain regulations must be adhered to and incorporated into the specific application for each client.
  • At your end, there’s no programming skill required!
  • Our range of services combined with our international expertise, allows us to customise an end-to-end mobile marketing solution that precisely meets your needs.

    We offer:

    • Short code management
    • Campaign codes for Under The Cap and On The Pack promotions
    • Aggregation of instant credit prizes for promotion
    • Database collection

    Benefits of Mobile Management Campaigns

    • Raising and maintaining brand awareness
    • Increased sales
    • Cost-effective marketing tools
    • Increased customer engagement